How Keeping It Simple Saves The Most Energy

Frence leads the way

The level of concern about the environment today is such that barely a day goes by where we don’t get some sort of guidelines or advice in order to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint, and reduce the damage that we are doing to our planet.

Add in daily announcements of new ideas and initiatives from global governments, and we are under no illusions as to the importance of tackling the environmental spectre on the horizon.

However, despite us hearing about the benefits of wind energy, the usefulness of green cars, and many other things, the biggest environmental savings are to be found from keeping it simple.

French Findings

France isn’t a particularly well respected nation around the world, it would be fair to say, but they are proving themselves leaders when it comes to the environment. The irony of the situation is that France have not invented or suggested anything out of the ordinary, they have just used common sense.

You see, from July 1st of this year, it will become law in France for ‘non-residential buildings’ to ensure that the lights are turned off between 1am and 7am, or when they are otherwise closed.

Switching off the lights. Something that we have been told to do for most of the last 20 years, yet still a simple task that people are resistant to. Many people don’t bother doing it because of the perceived small difference it will make. Consider this: France will save enough energy from implementing this law that they will have enough to power 750,000 homes.

Time to Take Control

Admittedly, a lot of the Western world – including France – lives in something of a bubble, and when anything bad happens, it is easy to start talking about human rights or civil liberties. Leading global governments, such as those in the United Kingdom and United States, are wrestling with environmental policy on a daily basis.

Surely, this move from France should be a fillip to those two countries and others. Enshrine in law requirements for the biggest energy consumers to save what they use in the simplest way possible. It won’t affect them and they’ll end up saving money, as well as having another line for them to add onto their sustainability policy.

Amazing Impact

That France are doing this and other countries around the world aren’t proves how ridiculous most of the political world is when it comes to dealing with the environment. Nothing ever gets solved on Earth when it comes to climate change, because solutions can’t be reached even after days of talks, and issues are carried over to meetings to be held 12 or 24 months down the line.

Why are our politicians wrestling with confusing policy when making people turn off the lights by law can have such a profound impact?

Only they know the answer to that. For now, we can only hope that France are successful from July onwards, and that other nations use their step as a blueprint for their own pro-active laws.

Robert is an online content writer with a specific interest in the environment, from energy saving initiatives to materials used in ‘green building’ such as ETFE foil. ETFE properties enable buildings to be more environmentally friendly, saving the owners money and reducing their carbon footprint.

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