The Kyoto Protocol Has Failed


While the Kyoto Protocol has been an extremely important first step in global climate diplomacy, with many nations making significant progress against their respective emissions targets, it has failed to truly reduce carbon emissions on a global scale (see bottom chart).

What’s more, many of the successes reported by developed countries are merely the result of an increased level of imports, i.e by importing goods that a country would have otherwise produced at home, they are effectively exporting the carbon cost of producing those goods abroad (it will come as little surprise that China has accounted for over 60% of the global increase in CO2 emissions over the past 20 years. Indeed, CO2 emissions per capita in China are still only half of the levels seen in the United States).

What we need is global cooperation on a meaningful scale (particularly from the US), more realistic targets and further investment into renewable energy!

Infographic showing how the kyoto protocol is failing

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