Find out How Solar Power Works and Why We Use it

Solar power and solar energy is a tricky and complex subject, but it's all detailed in here in an easy-to-read format. From different panels to different applications, there is seemingly no end to the possibilities that can be had from using the sun's energy and converting it into usable electricity.

solar pv
Solar PV Systems and The Technology Behind Them
“How the use of solar pv systems has revolutionised the world around us and how solar PV technology can help you save money on your homes energy bills.”
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Photovoltaics: What are they and how do they work?
“The humble photovoltaic cell powers everything from spacecraft and satellites to cars and even your own home, however what does the future hold for this marvel of technology.”
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pv panels
The Sky is the Limit for Pv Panels
“The rise of the solar PV panel is seemingly unstoppable as more and more people integrate solar power into their home and future energy plans.”
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solar power facts
Solar power: commercial, domestic, and fun facts
“Commercial, domestic and fun solar power facts including some unusual current and future technologies that are set to cause a revolution in solar energy.”
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photovoltaic systems
Installing Home Photovoltaic Systems
“Home photovoltaic systems offer one the chance to break free of the national grid and live a sustainable lifestyle, however can be a planning regulation nightmare for some.”
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solar cells
What Exactly Are Solar Cells?
“Whilst solar cells are somewhat common place these days you may be surprised to find out precisely what they are and how they work thanks to the photovoltaic effect.”
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photovoltaic panels
Photovoltaic Panels and Their Uses in the Home and Industry
“Without photovoltaic panels there would be no solar electricity for we rely upon the photovoltaic effect and you may be surprised to learn just how big an impact solar power has on the world.”
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solar panel companies
The Two Types of Solar Panel Companies
“With the ever growing market for solar panels and products there are a number of solar panel companies competing for market share with a wide range of technologies.”
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solar electricity
An Introduction to Solar Electricity
“We all know just how usefull electricity, but just how exactly do we turn the energy of the sun into electricity that we can use in the home.”
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