Common Home Solar Power Issues And How To Fix Them

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Using solar energy to power your home has a number of advantages. First of all, it is a more sustainable and is a greener source of energy that is better for the environment. Also, it is more affordable for you in the long run and will save you a great deal on your electricity bills.

Maintaining a solar power system takes a little bit of worth and maintenance to get the most benefits out of this technology. Here are a few of the most common problems that homeowners face with solar panels and what you can do about them.

Not Enough Sunshine

Living off the electricity generated by your solar panels will work well, as long as you have plenty of sunny days. But what happens when a week of cloudy weather comes along and you don’t see anything but clouds for several days in a row? One of the number one concerns with solar energy is not having enough light from the sun to generate a sufficient amount of power for your home. Several completely cloudy days in a row can start to cause an issue for a solar energy powered home.

This problem can be avoided in the first place by choosing a site for your solar panels where they are guaranteed to get enough sunshine. Also, if you are in an area that averages more than 5 hours of direct sunlight every day, you will be virtually safe from this problem. Also, make sure that your solar panels are not being shielded by leaves and branches which are overgrown.

The best way to combat those grey and dreary stretches is to use banks of batteries to store excess power. You can also negotiate with your utility company to set up reverse metering, which will provide you with power on the days when it is raining, snowing or not sunny enough outside.

Solar Panels Not Effective

Perhaps the sun is shining, but your solar panels are not producing as much energy as they should be. What is happening and what can you do to fix it?

There are a number of possible reasons why your solar panels might be losing their efficiency. The first thing to check is whether they are facing in the right direction so that they will get the maximum sun. You should also check that your appliances, computers, TVs and lights are as energy efficient as possible, as they might be eating up all the solar power during the day.

Cleaning your solar panels might also help to improve their efficiency. If they are covered in dust, dirt and debris the sunlight won’t be able to reach the photovoltaic cells and activate them to create energy. Be very careful when cleaning your solar panels and make sure that they are disconnected from the electrical source before doing so. Follow the correct procedure for washing them and see if this improves their efficiency.

Solar Panel Damage

Some solar panels start to perform badly or become damaged when they get too hot. If you are living in a very hot climate you might need to install the panels a few inches above the roof so that there can be air flow underneath them to cool them down.

If you determine that overheating solar panels are still causing you problems, you can look for specific types of photovoltaic panels that are designed to work better in hotter climates.

These are just a few of the common issues that come with owning solar panels, as well as strategies to fix them. With the proper care and maintenance, your solar power system will provide your home with green electricity for many years.

Sally Dimmock is a writer who has a keen interest in environmentally friendly technology. She believes that installing solar power systems makes perfect financial sense as they will save you money by using natural resources to create energy.

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